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After wanting an Stephen Sprouse for Louis Vuitton  leopard scarf for ages, I finally got one. The thing is, I am suspecting it is a fake. I wanted the bleu nuit, or the red one. eBay is filled with the bleu nuit, but the sellers want the double amount of what it actually costs, so I´d rather buy it in a Louis Vuitton store and then know it´s not a fake one. The thing is, it is out of my price range, so I hoped to find one a bit cheaper. So, the red one came along, not on eBay though,  and I made a bid (several actually) and I won. I thought I did my homework, but when it finally arrived, I got a weird feeling. I am afraid it is fake, and I don´t know what I should do. I do not know if I want to wear it because of that, it feels a bit…dirty, and wrong. How am I going to rate the seller? So many questions are popping up, and I just don´t know how to answer them.


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Sick & Tired

I have been sick now for a week. Being tired and unable to focus on anything has been exhausting. Yet it has been really hard to fall asleep. When I thought the worst part was over, and that I finally was getting better, my throat starts to hurt really bad and I can barely breathe through my nose. This is getting a bit tedious.

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Today my Swedish Elle arrived in the mailbox, and it it there were two ads for the Sonia Rykiel Christmas collection for H&M.




Two of these ads were featured, but as I looked online I found a third one as well. I have to admit, that I had quite high hopes for this collaboration. I usually like quite a few things from Sonia Rykiel, not everything, but I find the collections very wearable and the knits are very cute. When I saw these ads, I was quite underwhelmed. Some things are very Rykiel – like the roses and the crystals – but I am not sure what to think of this. The pink underwear does not look very flattering in my opinion, atleast not the panties and the lower part of the body. They feel like some sort of a combination of really high-cut panties and a skirt (or something like that).

Maybe I need to see the items first before I make a judgement, but this preview did not impress. I am still curious over the rest of the collection though, there still might be some gems. Also, in February there will be some knits and accessories, which probably will be better. Atleast I have my hopes up.


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I really like this silk blouse from Elizabeth and James, the “Alexandra”. I love the colour, and that it is so sheer. I would not wear it with leather pants though.

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In two weeks I am going to see Air, live in Stockholm. I can´t wait.

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On this precious weekend ending

Last night I saw Phoenix live, and it was amazing. We had a wonderful evening, and the band did not dissapoint. I have liked them for a long time, but somehow I love them even more now. Often when one goes to a concert, there is a moment in the middle that feels slow, and borderline boring. But not last night. It felt like the night just flew by.









I had the best night in a long time, but now I am left feeling a little blue.

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