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Jingle bells

There has been a lack of updates on my blog lately, but I will try to change that. Too much other things occupying my time, with not much time left for other things.

With that said, I just wanted to wish everyone a merry christmas. I hope the holidays will be filled with joy and festivities šŸ™‚


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I discovered the modernist architect Richard Neutra through the movie “L.A Confidential”.Ā  The Lovell House (or Lovell Health House) was used as the home of character Pierce Patchett, and caught my attention. It is inspired by cubism, and was built in the late 1920Ā“s. It is located in Los Angeles, California.

Another famouse house designed by Richard Neutra, is the Kaufmann House (or the Kaufmann Desert House). It was designed in 1946, and is located Palm Springs, California.

I find his work appealing, maybe because I used to live in a mid-century type of house, and that is the style I prefer today. Atleast when it regards houses. When it comes to apartments, I like a different style. I donĀ“t know that much about Richard Neutra, and I have only seen his work on images on the internet, but I would certainly like to know more. I am planning to invest in some books about his work. Maybe, one day, they will work as inspiration when I (hopefully) will build my own house.

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Yesterday, I returned home from Stockholm, where I went to se Air. They performed in Berns, a beautiful place. It was quite stunning, with chandeliers in the roof and ornaments on the walls. The place was filled with French people – and some Germans. Already outside I heard French being spoken – mostly about food, Swedish food. Inside we were feeling offended by a French guy, who insisted on wearing a huge furĀ hat, that blocked the view,Ā and sunglasses, while making out with a girl non-stop. Also, he was gyrating and and humping her. That, we didnĀ“t want to see. Not the German guy who kept on airdrumming the whole time, either.

The concert, should have been nothing but amazing, yet it wasnĀ“t. Something was missing. Air has the potential, their music has the potential to make a statement. They can create certain atmosphere with it, because of how it sounds, but it never happened – not until the last song. With more passion and a better light show, they could have made us shiver and feel excitement. I wanted to feel goosebumps during “Venus”, like I was floating on air in a dream during “Cherry Blossom Girl”, theĀ urge to dance during “Sexy Boy”, feeling blue during “Highschool lover”Ā  and maybe a bit lost during “Alone In Kyoto”. But I didnĀ“t. Not quite. A little bit more effort had made the performance spectacular, not just OK. It was worth the money though, because they were never bad.

I had a great time though. I always love returning to Stockholm, itĀ“s a lovely city. I met the French guys who I met at the Phoenix concert, that was fun. I always think of them as poster boys for A.P.C. Not sure if they were wearing A.P.C., but they sure look like their ads. My friends, S and J, are always fun to be with. We were at Way out west, and the Phoenix concert together as well. I hope we get to do more things like this together, I really do enjoy spending time with them. The hotel we stayed at, was quite nice as well. I wish I had more time in Stockholm, so I could have done some Christmas shopping, and some other things perhaps. Hopefully, I will return soon again.

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