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So this is the first dreaded entry, in my first blog (ever!). Welcome! One might think; Oh, no, not yet another blog. That is all right. This blog is written mostly for my own satisfaction, and I hope a sideeffect I suppose the best thing is to introduce myself. My name is Maria, I am almost 30 years old, and I live in Sweden.


As the title says, this will be about things that I find inspiring. At first, I meant to write about fashion. Then I changed my mind, because there are so many blogs out there about fashion, that are really good. Also, there are much more things that do inspire me, so I couldn´t just focus on one thing. Fashion is something that I have been interested in forever, or more precisely, style. To be honest, fashion can sometimes bore me. I love personal styling though. To me, this goes hand in hand with music, which is also something that I have been passioned about since an early age. Music can influence me in so many ways, and particularly when it comes to style. Another thing that is amazing when it comes to music, is that it can take you to another world completely. A song can make you forget everything, even if it´s only for five minutes.

Books have the same influence on me. I love the feeling of reading a great book, when time and space just dissapears, and you´re completely drawn in. There´s nothing better for the imagination, to create your own images, your own world. It´s the same with music. Movies are a huge influence as well, even though the images are already there. They are great when one needs inspiration considering style. All of these are great for setting a mood, or enhancing one of you will, regardless if you want to feel happier or if one is feeling blue.

Skincare is another thing that I am interested in, and something that I have worked with. I would call myself a bit of a junkie when it comes to scincare products. Lately I´ve been taking more interest in decorating, since I bought a house last year, and gardening as well.

This was a little bit about me, and what may appear in this blog. I do hope you enjoy it.

Image: Doors at Petit Trianon, from Parisparfait


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