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Today we were at this place nearby that sells antiques. I had been curious of that place for a while, and wanted to go, but somehow it never happened. I didn´t really know what to expect, since my mother had been there previously (on another location though) and she didn´t like it at all, but a friend had been there as well – and liked it. I knew the prices were high though.


The place is located in a barn-like house, painted red, and there is flowerpots en masse outside, in various sizes, along with other decorative things for the garden. The main focus was on one colour – blue. Everywhere, blue, blue, blue. When I came in through the door, the first thing I noticed was this musty smell of old things. The things I saw was not that special though, but I soon realized that this house was huge, and had several rooms. There were all sorts of things; jewellery, crystal, china, furniture, chandeliers, books, antique prams, statues etc. etc. They even had a fox stole and mopeds, although neither is my cup of tea. As I looked around, I noticed that they had quite a lot of interesting objects. Louis XIV, Louis XV, Louis XVI, French Empire and Victorian furniture were everywhere, although in various conditions but always with a hefty pricetag.

I fell in love with a Louis XVI desk, which was beautiful, but needed to be restored. A set of two red velvet Gustavian chairs, and a small matching sofa caught my eye, along with an exquisite Empire chaise longue. Unfortunately for me, nothing was in my pricerange. It is good to know though, that there are beautiful things not far away, and that one can go and atleast have a look. Maybe one day, perhaps, one of those lovely items will find their place in my home.


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