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I discovered the modernist architect Richard Neutra through the movie “L.A Confidential”.  The Lovell House (or Lovell Health House) was used as the home of character Pierce Patchett, and caught my attention. It is inspired by cubism, and was built in the late 1920´s. It is located in Los Angeles, California.

Another famouse house designed by Richard Neutra, is the Kaufmann House (or the Kaufmann Desert House). It was designed in 1946, and is located Palm Springs, California.

I find his work appealing, maybe because I used to live in a mid-century type of house, and that is the style I prefer today. Atleast when it regards houses. When it comes to apartments, I like a different style. I don´t know that much about Richard Neutra, and I have only seen his work on images on the internet, but I would certainly like to know more. I am planning to invest in some books about his work. Maybe, one day, they will work as inspiration when I (hopefully) will build my own house.


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