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Yesterday, I returned home from Stockholm, where I went to se Air. They performed in Berns, a beautiful place. It was quite stunning, with chandeliers in the roof and ornaments on the walls. The place was filled with French people – and some Germans. Already outside I heard French being spoken – mostly about food, Swedish food. Inside we were feeling offended by a French guy, who insisted on wearing a huge fur hat, that blocked the view, and sunglasses, while making out with a girl non-stop. Also, he was gyrating and and humping her. That, we didn´t want to see. Not the German guy who kept on airdrumming the whole time, either.

The concert, should have been nothing but amazing, yet it wasn´t. Something was missing. Air has the potential, their music has the potential to make a statement. They can create certain atmosphere with it, because of how it sounds, but it never happened – not until the last song. With more passion and a better light show, they could have made us shiver and feel excitement. I wanted to feel goosebumps during “Venus”, like I was floating on air in a dream during “Cherry Blossom Girl”, the urge to dance during “Sexy Boy”, feeling blue during “Highschool lover”  and maybe a bit lost during “Alone In Kyoto”. But I didn´t. Not quite. A little bit more effort had made the performance spectacular, not just OK. It was worth the money though, because they were never bad.

I had a great time though. I always love returning to Stockholm, it´s a lovely city. I met the French guys who I met at the Phoenix concert, that was fun. I always think of them as poster boys for A.P.C. Not sure if they were wearing A.P.C., but they sure look like their ads. My friends, S and J, are always fun to be with. We were at Way out west, and the Phoenix concert together as well. I hope we get to do more things like this together, I really do enjoy spending time with them. The hotel we stayed at, was quite nice as well. I wish I had more time in Stockholm, so I could have done some Christmas shopping, and some other things perhaps. Hopefully, I will return soon again.


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In two weeks I am going to see Air, live in Stockholm. I can´t wait.

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On this precious weekend ending

Last night I saw Phoenix live, and it was amazing. We had a wonderful evening, and the band did not dissapoint. I have liked them for a long time, but somehow I love them even more now. Often when one goes to a concert, there is a moment in the middle that feels slow, and borderline boring. But not last night. It felt like the night just flew by.









I had the best night in a long time, but now I am left feeling a little blue.

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I just heard this song for the first time, earlier today. It was one of those moments, when everything feels good for a few minutes. I was filling up the fire place with some wood, my daughter was standing next me, dancing. The weather was lovely outside, and this song came on. It was perfect.

Unfortunately the video isn´t available on YouTube, and I could not figure out how to embed from Vimeo or other sites, so here is a link instead: http://www.vimeo.com/6605514


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I have been listening to Simon & Garfunkel lately. One of my favourite songs, is “America”, and I love it in “Almost Famous”.

Another favourite is “Feel flows” by The Beach Boys (and it also happens to be in previously mentioned movie). It is a perfect song to wake up to (or fall asleep), or just lay on the bed while closing ones eyes. Really soothing.

This is a brilliant song with Lee Hazlewood and Nancy Sinatra, “Some velvet morning”. I do not really understand what it is about, but I love it. The sound of it, and Lee´s dark voice combined with Nancy´s soft, feminine voice.

And another favourite, “Sunday Morning” with The Velvet Underground.

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This has become my favourite song from the “Wolfgang Amadeus” album. Everytime I am driving, I always put it on. Or in the kitchen while I am preparing dinner. Or any other time.

I have been listening to the “Lost In Translation” soundtrack a lot lately, and I really love the songs by Kevin Shields and Brian Reitzell. Perfect for creating a mood. I love the way I feel when I listen to them.

I found this on YouTube, “50 floors up” by Brian Reitzell and Roger J. Manning Jr. Apparently it was a bonus track on the Japanese version of the soundtrack.

And because I am in that mood:

Ever since I saw “Marie Antoinette”, the last song makes me think of the movie, and how I felt when it ended. It was a perfectly sad moment, beautiful and haunting all at once.

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This past weekend I attended the Way out west festival in Gothenburg. It was on it´s third year, and every year they have managed to create an amazing line-up. Past acts have been among others;  Erykah Badu, Kanye West, Primal Scream, Lykke Li in 2007, the first time the festival took place, and in 2008 Franz Ferdinand, Neil Young, Sonic Youth, N.E.R.D, Fleet Foxes, Lykke Li and Kleerup were a few of the artists booked. This year they managed to book Anthony & The Johnsons, Glasvegas, My Bloody Valentine, Robyn, Bon Iver, Ladyhawke, El Perro Del Mar, Fever Ray, Lily Allen and Jenny Wilson, just to name a few.

My previous festival experiences have been of the traditional kind – one travels to some field in some small town somewhere, sleeps in a tent for three days, eats crappy food while not getting enough sleep. This was when I was younger, so I don´t think that is an experience that I would like to go through again. It is needless to say that I am one of those who completely likes the concept of the new festival, the one that takes place in a city, and that does not have a campsite. One can enjoy the bands, go and eat decent food at a restaurant, and sleep in the comfort of a bed, and actually get some sleep.



As with every time I have attended a festival, I missed a few acts. One I particularly wanted to see, but couldn´t, was Bon Iver. I also missed Jenny Wilson, whom I had been looking for to see perform. I did get to see quite a few bands though. Robyn, I had seen before, several times, so this time I watched from one of the bars. It was a good performance, but not really up to her standards. She got amazing reviews anyway. Some of her guests included; Kleerup, Lykke Li, and to everyone´s surprise – Dr Alban. He had some hits in the early 90´s, but I wouldn´t say that his music has aged well.

Another performance that stood out for me, was Glasvegas. I liked them, but I didn´t really fall for the hype. I thought they were alright. I went to see them anyway, and I´m glad I did because it was great. They managed to create a wonderful atmosphere, even though I didn´t get almost anything of what James Allan said. Fever Ray was another brilliant show, but I didn´t really see much since she played in a tent, and we had to stay way back. But this woman can really create this really dark, and suggestive atmosphere with everything from the lighting, to the costumes, that creates a perfect backdrop for her music.

The band that was the main reason for me to go, was My Bloody Valentine. And all I can say is: Wow! It is quite amazing that noice can sound so beautiful. Their music is sometimes called dream pop, and it is a really accurate description. I have only heard them on record before, never live, and this blew me away. The experience was physical, the way the noice they create just strikes you. Really powerful. Unfortunately, the singing was almost impossible to hear. Yes, it is supposed to be like that, almost like one of the background instruments. Just something to complete the sound, to create that dreaminess. But this was something else, you couldn´t hear almost anything, which destroyed the overall impression a bit.

So what else did I think about? Except that the food was way overpriced (see, that is why the location is perfect – just leave and have some food somwhere else), everything was overpriced to be honest, and the beer tasted like water, there were a lot of impressions to take in. The average age was quite high, comparing to other festivals, so it was a good mix of different age groups. Something other that was positive, was that people weren´t that crazy drunk that they usually are on festivals. I noticed a very clear style profile on the way people dressed, almost like they were all made in the same factory. Speaking of style, I noticed Roland Hjort of Whyred in the crowd, which I ofcourse told my friends about, but they didn´t have a clue of who he is.

I am wondering which bands they will book for next year, something great I presume. I just hope they take care of some minor issues, like that some acts play in different clubs around the city, which can make it hard for people to see them. The clubs have limited capacities when it comes to how many people they are allowed to let in. It makes the festival as a whole feel a bit scattered. Then, there is the food-issues that I wish that they will somehow improve. I am planning to attend next year, and hopefully I will have a great time, just like I did now. When it comes down to it, all that matters is that the bands are great, and that some wonderful friends are there to share it with you.

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