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My hope for some more time on my own backfired. I have been completely swamped with lots of different things, including a project that I am working on, and my health has not been as good as I would have wanted. From time to time I lack energy, and just feel off. Maybe it is because of the weather? For months it has been nothing but cold, snow, and even more snow. While I do love snow, I do not love shoveling snow three times every day.

But, there has been some things that atleast cheer one´s mind up a bit. The wallpaper that we ordered for our daughter arrived last week, although in the wrong colour palette. I made a call to the store, and thankfully the right one will arrive at the end of this week, which I am really thankful for. Usually it takes 2-3 weeks, so we were in luck.

The wallpaper is from Nina Campbell, and is called Perroquet. Molly is getting the first one in her room. I think it is very pretty, and doesn´t feel like the typical choice for a toddler. She loves flowers, so I hope she will like it as much as I do. The wallpaper is inspired by the floral  boutique Odorantes in Paris. It is one of Nina Campbell´s favourites. The second one really shows where she got the inspiration from. The boutique has dark grey walls that really makes the beautiful flowers stand out, along with some taxidermy.

This is what Odorantes looks like. Paumes has a book of floral boutiques and florists in Paris, and Odorantes is one of them. They have lots of other books (and stationary as well),  that are worth taking a look at.

Finally I have chosen a wallpaper for the guestroom. It is from Designers Guild, their Royal Collection.

Arundale Chantrey, in Wedgwood. The actual colour is somewhere inbetween those two images. It is a pale, soft blue colour. The inspiration was from a scene at the Petit Trianon, in Marie Antoinette.

Both rooms will have walnut parquet flooring, and I can´t wait until they are finished!


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