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It has been really cold lately, too cold almost. If we didn´t have a fireplace in the house, it would have been unbearable. Last week, the snow came. It started to fall during one evening, and continued to do so all night, and the next day. Everything looked so soft, buried under  the snow, and all sounds became muted. Just magical. And the snow was perfect. Dry, crispy and lighter than air. Since it has been this cold, it is still dry and crispy and buries everything underneath it. The days have shown a clear blue sky, and sun that makes the snow sparkle. The perfect winter, if it wasn´t this cold. Thankfully, I have my wonderful christmas present to keep me warm.


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Summer is ending, and soon comes fall. It´s that time of the year, the one I dread. The time for getting a coat, or jacket, to keep me warm during fall and winter. Ever since I can remember, I have felt an extreme anxiety when it comes to jackets. Every time I have to buy a new one, I set out to get the perfect one. Endless visits to different stores in search of a warming shell, while trying to figure out what I really want. This happens far too often though, because every time the same scenario repeats: After a whole day of shopping I get tired and irritated, because I don´t find a single thing that I like, I grab a jacket that isn´t heinous atleast, and that´s it. Then I realise it is quite ugly, the shape is awful, and it does look really cheap. So next year I have to go through the same thing, or perhaps two years later because I feel bad over buying that godawful…thing.. and wear it just because.

Thankfully, I am older and hopefully a bit wiser, and do know what I like. I have also worked out a strategy that worked really well when I was shopping for a jacket for spring. It must be clear now that jackets are a huge stumbling block for me. Why that is, I do not know. Anyway, thanks to the internet, this procedure gets somewhat easier. No need for marathon-walks while sweating and swearing, and trying not to go insane. I have begun doing research. It is just wonderful, and much better than go totally unprepared. For the last few days I have browsing different webshops for the perfect jacket/coat, or atleast something that will help me find it. This helped me to select a few criterias that my future garment should hold:

 a. Fit – It must, must, have a good fit. No shapeless mass of fabric for me, thanks.

b. Quality – The material  must be of a good quality, I can´t stress that enough. I like wool, or a wool/cashmere mix. If the material is of a high quality, the garment will last much longer. Therefore there is no need to buy a new jacket/coat for a long time.

c. Price – Now, here is the tricky part. I do not want to spend a fortune, simply because I can´t. But I want something that is nice, and has a better quality, which can be hard to solve. The key here is to find a good ratio between criteria b and c, and I am guessing it will be the hardest part. But with a little luck, and good reasearch, it will work out.



This jacket, or coat, should have longevity. That should probably be one of the criterias, since it is very important to me. Since my style really isn´t changing that much, just evolving a bit, I want this to be sort of an investment piece that will last. I do not want to own hundreds of useless garments, which is a complete waste, just the things I really do like and treasure. I think it is more economical to spend a bit more on a few things that last, than to buy masses of cheap pieces that will look awful after just a few uses. This specially applies to things like coats, shoes and other things that one considers investments. Ofcourse I do buy high street brands as well, but I try to avoid it when it comes to certain things in my wardrobe.

Because longevity is what I aim for, my choice of style is what I consider a classic; a pea coat, or a duffle/toggle coat (or jacket). It´s a style that I have liked for many years, and which I think goes with almost anything. It might be considered safe or boring, but for me it is timeless and stands for a certain aesthetic that I adore. My researching has payed off, atleast to an extent; Burberry and Gloverall has some interesting items that I will take a closer look at, but the search will go on until I feel satisfied. There is a bit more time left and it has to be used wisely until I am certain the search is over, because after all, the point of all of this is to not to have to go through all of this all over again.

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